Grade 6


What I think of Home

What do you think when you think about home? I think of family, laughter, and hugs. Home is where I can rest and play with my family and friends. Home is wherever my family is.

I feel safe at home because I have my family to protect me and I can protect them. I have 6 dogs to keep us safe. another example of me being able to feel safe is I know how to fight. I have everything I need to feel safe at home.

I don’t have to feel a certain way at home when I feel depressed or sad. I can talk to my family about it or I can lie down and rest. When I feel happy I can make others happy. When in public I can do my best to make others happy but it’s not always gonna work because if someone else is in a bad mood I can get upset and not feel happy With my family no matter what, I feel happy. When I feel loved I can share the love that I’m getting because no matter what even if I get in a fight with one of my family members after everything that happens I will still love them. no matter how I feel, I can feel that way at home.

I can eat whenever I want because my family thinks I don’t eat enough. I can eat what I want because my mom and dad trust me to cook and not cause a disaster. I always have amazing conversations at the dinner table. I eat the foods I need to eat to stay healthy.

Home is everything I need. I am so grateful for the home I have and my family. I hope that others will be as fortunate as me to have a home.