Grade 4


What I Think of Home

What I Think of

If home was a friend, home would greet me every day when I get back from school. Home is like a cozy blanket. Home welcomes me home. At home, home reminds me when my dad is snoring, my grandma is cooking, my brother sniffing, my mom writing and my big brother clicking on his computer. Home is like a great big hug!

Cozy, cuddly, comfortable home. Home is where my heart is. Home brings me joy. When I go home, I feel like sleeping on a cloud of marshmallows. When I go home, I just want to eat my grandma’s delicious food. At home I just want to lay down peacefully.

At home, I think of people that can’t have a home, and I realize that I am lucky to have a home. In the world lots of people don’t have a home because they can’t aford it.