Grade 5


what i think home is

My memories are family because I do lot of things like make crafts and go on vacation’s. I go to visit my family and they sometimes come to my house and stay over. And I love my family because they let me eat and go outside and do lot of things. My mom takes me to my grandmas, grandpas, and lot of my family houses. My family gives me stuff at charismas, ester and my birthdays.
My special thing I my house is the couch because I watch TV all the time. I have movie night with family. Family comes over a sits on the couch and watch TV. I lay on the couch when I am sick and I open charismas presents and birthday present. My mom does my hair on the couch and I clean the couch when it is dirty.
The tangible things I my house is my room because I sleep in it and I play in my room and I do lot of things in my room. And I can touch my toys in the basement because I got them from charismas and birthday and for ester. In my house I can eat food and I can play with my friends. I can touch my table because I eat and do crafts on it.