Grade 4


What I Think Home is

I think home is very important. And makes me feel like me. It makes me know I am safe when I am scared. Home is good for shelter and resources. It makes me feel alive and better about myself.

Home isn’t just a roof and walls it’s a place where you can store your secrets and memories. There is no other place like home. Home can be relaxing and warm. Without home we would not have shelter and would always be wet from the rain. Home is awesome. Apartment or house my home well always be home. I love my home it feels like everything you want. Home can be big or tiny but home well always be home.

Home can be a store for some people it could be Walmart for some people, but it will always be home. No matter anything home will be home. My home is special because I can sleep, eat, play, and more. My home may not be big, but it is home. Home is love. Each home is different and pretty. Some are pink some are blue, but it is home. Not all houses have back yards, but they all have roofs and walls.

To me home means special. I feel this way because some people don’t have homes and always look sad. It doesn’t matter what other people think of your home its what you think of your home. Without home we would not have sleep. I like my home and you should like yours.