Grade 5


What I Mean by Home and What Home Means to Me

When some people think of home they think of a house, maybe an apartment or a condo, but although that can be a home that is not specifically what I mean. To me home is a feeling, a feeling that combines other feelings to make a new one, home. These feelings combined to make home are, to me, safe, loved, happy, comfortable and just overall satisfaction of being there. Often you feel that in a house or apartment, but maybe it’s a city/neighborhood that makes you feel that way, or a school or restaurant. It will probably be where a well-loved family member or pet lives. In short, you live in your house/apartment/mansion/condo but you don’t need to live somewhere to make it home.
To have a home is important to me because when I come back from being away, I walk in and almost immediately feel that extra amazing feeling. When I walk in, I know in my heart people who love and care about me are there, or will be there soon. If I had to choose between having the world and summer houses and loads of money but nowhere that feels like home or to have a home and family but nothing to special other than that, I would choose the latter. Home is one of the most special and important places to me, the only things that might be more important are family and friends.
That is what home means to me.