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British Columbia

What i Feel Like at Home

What I Feel Like at Home
I feel warm and secure with my family. I like the hot and yummy food there. The living room with the television and my bedroom where I draw, play and write. My room is the coziest room in my home. I also like my neighbours. I play with them there right across the road. We play basketball and we do gymnastics and sometimes we even do skipping together. I went in my neighbours’ home before and it was pretty big. The family there has 2 kids. One is twelve years old and the other is seven years old. I also like my backyard. It isn’t the biggest backyard ever, but I still have water fights with water balloons. And after school in December and January, I play in the snow and have snowball fights and make snowmen. And sometimes I even make snow angels and make a pile of snow and then I jump into it. It’s fun! But then I get cold and go back inside. I wrap myself in a towel, then a shower and then I watch the television. I hope every child has an opportunity to have a home. And that every kid should have a meal on their tables. I really hope they have this opportunity like I did.