Grade 5


What I feel at Home

Home is a place where I feel safe, loved and cared about.
I can express what I am feeling and laugh with my family.I can see my friends and my neighbours. I can enjoy my home and others who are in it. I can eat nice warm food like steak it’s super warm and juicy and many other things and i enjoy it in warmth of my home. My friends can come over and we aren’t freezing but we can be warm. I don’t need to feel judged when i’m home my parents can accept who I am I can act who I am as a silly goof. If I need help my parents will help me so I don’t stress over it and get a bad mark. Sometimes home is where you don’t wanna be buts its better to be there than anywhere else. I can have warm showers too stay clean sometimes I get annoyed by my siblings but that’s okay because of the love I have for them and the house I can live in and my parents, friends and neighbours all care about me to the limit they can but there’s never a limit to stay at an amazing warm house. You may lose memories if you move but it’s better to let them go to create new and better ones. Thats home to me.