Grade 6


What I Consider Home

Home is where you can see the wonders of life, where you can smile and feel warmth in your heart. It’s where everyone accepts you for who you are. Your personality, your traits, your talents, and even your flaws. Home is a place where you can seek comfort when you need it, it’s where you enter and a smile flashes on your face instantly even if you’ve had a rough day.

Home is where you feel safe, where you feel secure. It’s a place where you can make memories that are worth remembering, dreams that you desire could become a reality. Home is so much more than a structure, it’s a place that always has laughs echoing throughout, a place filled with so much love and kindness. Home is a place where you can be yourself, a place where there’s no need for an illusion or facade. A place where you can truly show yourself without being criticized. Home is a place that would shower you with happiness and joy.

Home is where I want to go after a hard day, it’s where I desire to go on days where I just don’t feel myself. My home is what I consider a passionate place, it’s the soul reason I continue to move on. My home is where my family is. Family is not made by blood, it’s made by the bonds that I’ve created.

My love for my home expands by every minute, every second. Home is simply a small word that means so much more, it’s a word that reaches beyond emotions. It’s where all your emotions turn into something more, something that you love.