Grade 6

Lower Sackville
Nova Scotia

What I call home.

Home is where you can feel safe to be yourself.
Home is where I can come home, and see my little sister and cat waiting for me by the door.

Home is where my family gets together and plays board games and video games.

Home is where I can feel comfortable with who I am.

Home is where I can feel safe and not have to worry about every little detail all the time.

Home is where I can hang out with my friends and family but still be safe at the same time.

Home is where I have a place to sleep.

Home is where I have food.

Home is like a blank Sketchpad, you can sculpt it any way you want to make it Unicley yours. And you can keep changing it to make it feel like Home

Home is where I build memories and make new ones with my family Right beside me.

Your home has a story, and your one of the main characters!

You are the structure of the house.

A home is not the building but the memories and people that live in it.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a cottage or a Mansion, what matters is if you feel, safe, happy, and it’s also where you should feel acknowledged

Home is where I can be Me.