Grade 4


What I Call Home

Home is where I eat yummy food made by my mother and father.
Home is where the fun happens with my mom, dad, big sis, little brother and big brother.
I play fun games like playing outside or hide and seek with my family.
Home is where I have lived for many years.
Home I where I sleep in my comfy bed where I dream about beautiful things.
Home is where its cozy and warm in the winter and then just a right a pound of cold in the summer.
Home is where I’m safe to say all my secrets and lies.
Home is where I’m loved in all ways from my family.
Home is where you’re safe and as long as you’re safe in that home you can call it home.
Home comes from the heart not the head.
Just remember that home is where you wake up on a sunny morning while you listen to the birds chirp.
That is what I call home.