Grade 5

British Columbia

What I Call Home

My house has a roof and four walls, it’s not a ton but that’s not all.
I have a brother, a dog and a cat. I have a Mom and a Dad; I love all of that.
Working out with my spring hockey coach and eating potato chips while I lay on the couch.
Going on a walk and smelling the fresh pine air and seeing my Mom trying to fix up her hair.
Getting warm hugs from my family and seeing my friends all laughing happily.
Baking my favorite, delicious short bread cookies with my Grandma and re watching episodes of the Simpsons with my Grandpa.
Riding my bike whenever I want and hearing my Dad say, “I love eating croissants”.
Playing basketball with my brother on the street and talking to my dad while I eat.
I love helping people that’s why I wrote this poem. All of this is what I call home.