Grade 6

Summerland, Bc
British Columbia

What I Call Home

A place I go after a long day
Were I can laugh with family
a place I am full and not hungry
I can play catch with my brother in the fresh air
I can draw with my mom on a rainy afternoon,
I can bake pancakes with my dad on a Sunday
I feel warm and welcomed, there is no other place I
would want to be
Because I know I am protected by my caring and
loving family.
I feel safe…
But then in my deep thoughts at night in my cozy bed,
I think about some kids that don’t feel safe at home.
The kids that might run into their room and lock the
door as soon as they get home, and stay quiet. My
heart hurts for these kids that don’t feel safe. Their
mother might not greet them at the door with love…
then I think of the kids that don’t even have a home at all. Those poor kids might live in alleys begging for money just to get enough food to live and they stay
cold in storms instead of being warm at a home.
I feel grateful that I have a place to say ‘’home
sweet home’’ and mean it.