Grade 6


What I Call Home

At home I eat supper in the living room, which I’m lucky to have because there are people without even just a bed to call their own.

A house is a structure, and a home is a place you can make your own, whether a little apartment or a house down that road.

I like being in the kitchen, smelling freshly baked cookies, or in my bedroom appreciating the place my family and I call home.

I like sitting in front of the TV, chatting with friends and family, talking about why we like our homes.

To me, home is where I’m close to my family, where I can look out my window and watch it snow, or when I’m on the phone with a friend, debating whose home to hang out in for those few hours of the day.

But not everyone has something like this, not everyone has a warm place in the winter, or a cool place is the summer that they can call their own, yet everyone deserves a home.