Grade 6

New Brunswick

what I call home

The meaning of home varies from person to person,
But to me it doesn’t matter if I live in Doha or Vernon,
It doesn’t matter if I live east or west,
Home is my very own nest

Home is a very special place,
A lighthouse to every race,
Family bonding together,
Regardless the outside weather

A house isn’t a place I adore,
Unless it is filled with love galore,
Family makes it a benign place to be,
A house isn’t a home without contentment and family ,you see,
These all show what home means to me

I feel fortunate I have a home,
It’s the place I come back to wherever I roam,
It’s where I have fun,
And enjoy eating a fresh bun

By writing this poem small,
I am helping ensure homes to all,
Ten dollars to the homeless,
Ten dollars less hopeless