Grade 5


What I Call a Home

A place where family is born and never ends,
A place where joy and happiness blends.
A place where we strive in light,
A place to live a happy life.
A place where everybody matters,
A place to make people brighter.
A place where we are defined,
A place to be recognized.

This is a safe place that gives out greetings,
Warm, cozy and gives you feelings.
I am happy for my home to give me courage,
it’s like a place for my achievement storage.
In happiness, and in light, I am free to roam,
I am never sad or dark, and just start to groan.
I am safe from all of my fears,
They stay outside not even near.

Every day and night, I say to my home,
I will thank you and remember you from my soul.
Wherever my home is, it is full of grace,
the joy stays in a fast pace,
where I feel like we are precious gold,
This is what I call a home.