Grade 5

Nova Scotia

What Homes Means To Me

If you have a home you are very lucky and this is why I am writing this essay. You have comfort and a safe place and with a good air. You can also talk about your childhood and I like that you can have fun every day. What I would do if you did not have a home, I would put all my money into getting a good job that pays you a lot of money.

My home means to me that I could live in a safe place and stay healthy.The good thing about a house is that you can make home made things like cookies, brownies, and more. Some people don’t have that, and that’s sad. I like my home because it is my comfort, it would be hard to not sleep in your own bed. I am glad that this essay contest helps donate 10 dollars towards building homes for people without one. I think this is great because you are helping someone every time you make a essay and I am glad my essay helped someone to get a home.