Grade 5

Gardiner Mines
Nova Scotia

What Homes Means To Me

Home is a safe place to make memories.
A place for families to be together.
Being at my home protects me from the elements.
It is fun being at my home.
There is a place to have good meals at my home.
At my home, we care about each other.
There is lots of love in my home

Friends and family gather together at my home.
Only place I feel safe.
Relaxing and cozy.

Home is a healthy place.
Unique place to be.
My family is loving and caring in my home.
At my home, we respect one another.
Not everyone has a home, you should be thankful if you do.
In my home, we have privacy.
There is a warm, cozy place to relax in my home.
You should be grateful if you have a home.