Grade 6


What Homes Mean to Us

What Homes Mean to Us

A home is what keeps you safe, a home is what you make memories in, a home is an outstanding thing to live in. It doesn’t matter what or were you live it’s still your home. We all have amazing memories at our houses.

There’s always something going on in my house that’s Bizarre, Funny and great. In my living room my dog Luxley must stay in his cage when I go to school. One day I got back and Luxley was waiting at the garage door. I was confused “how did he escape his cage” I asked myself. So, the next day dad was home that day and saw Luxley squeeze through the bars. He told us that’s how he escapes Now we put the table in front of the cage. He is one little troublemaker.

In the past I was 5 and my family were thinking of moving to Oakbank from Winnipeg. So, when the time came, I was feeling shy. We arrived and our neighbors greeted us, I felt welcomed. I felt confident to, but I took it too far. I ran to someone’s house and made friends with him. He felt confused and wondering what this kid is doing walking in my house.

I got inside my new house and exploring the new house was awesome there were 3 bedrooms upstairs, a lot of space to play in the basement. Moving to Oakbank was a great decision because I made a lot of new friend, great parks fun teachers and a great area.

Me and Loredan always play call of duty when were board. I always help Loredan out when he’s stuck or dies a lot and I mean A LOT but overall, he’s good at the game. Me and loredan play black ops 2 zombies but the game keeps giving me the ray gun except for loredan. Loredan gets mad when I get the ray gun and yells loudly. When he gets it he brags and calms down.

No matter the craziness Luxley barking at people and loredan yelling at a game. I’m glad I have my house of madness.