Grade 4


what homes can inspire

Home is place we love and be grateful for well I will
Ask you a question do you think everyone has a roof over there head and somewhere that is a safe place to be at I will give you a minute to think

Well have you thought about it yet I hope you did.
If you answered yes you are incorrect and if you want to know why read the rest. So there are lots and I mean lots as in hundreds of families maybe more who do not have a home to go to and they suffer badly because they probably don’t have the money to have food or water and could die by being hunted without shelter. now if I scared you I am sorry and that is just the real world in some places. But luckily there’s a community that helps people without a home they are very good for what they do and were probably inspired by this and wanted help. so the
Moral of this real story is that not everyone has a home and that seeing bad things can lead to the solution hope this made you realize that the world is not happy everywhere and people need help from people like you and me.