Grade 5


What homes and houses are like

My home is a very nice place and full of happiness and grace.
I’m always glad I have a home but maybe I could be mad or sad.
I had two houses which I was lucky.
I love my home because I have my family and stuff I need and I’m always going to be mature and nice to my house.
When I go places I will always go to my safest place, which is home.
I keep all my belongings in my home and I will always love home.
I take care of my house when I clean and I will always care for house.
I will always be able to sleep and rest or play in my own room.
I will always have fun and play with my family all day long.
I have three siblings, three pets, and two parents and I play with them and love them.
If I didn’t have a house I wouldn’t be comfortable and I wouldn’t have stuff I needed and I wouldn’t have video games or any of that stuff and I would be bored.
Home will always be a nice place and full of happiness and grace. Home will always protect me and my family remember that.