Grade 6


What home truly means to me

What home means to me, Home is a safe place to enjoy with your family build memorize, like the first snowman you made or the first time you broke a tooth.

You can also build a future there because you would have a desk, table and chair so you can actually study so that maybe when you grow up you could be a doctor ,engineer photographer and so much more.

You can also be yourself maybe relax ,sleep, decorate your room and you would have a good environment like friendly neighbor make friends to be safer you can add security cameras then if a robber comes or something you can call the police or the police will call you .

You can also decorate your house or room have fun and maybe paint your room etc .If your not happy with your house some people are homeless they live in cars, shelters or the sidewalk they have no food and their poor. So if you have a house you should be grateful.