Grade 5

British Columbia

What Home Truly Means To Me

Home can be many things, but my favourite is when home is a place of welcome; a place where you’re wanted. Home wouldn’t be called home if you weren’t appreciated there. Without home, we would be lifeless corpses with no energy to start our day. Home is where you love and where you are loved by your family. Without home, our hearts would never be completed fully. Home is where our lives begin and end. Home must be filled with happiness always, or else it will never be called home. If we never have a home, we will never be as joyful or happy as others who have a home. Some people choose to have a home, and some do not. Home is a choice of happiness or sadness; it is your choice to make it. Some people might want to welcome home into their lives, but they might not have enough money to do so. Home is welcoming as long as you have happiness at home. A true home is the core of our hearts. Home can change your path of heart. Home most certainly includes your family, if they make you happy. Family is home, as home is family. Family helps you through your problems in the day, while home charges you up for the next day. To me, home is a place where you are loved and appreciated. A home is where you get nutrition. You cannot survive without a home. Some people might say home is only a place of comfort, but I say a thousand times otherwise. Home is a way of life, a choice with so many possibilities. I hope everyone has a home, because even the worst of people don’t deserve to not have one.