Grade 5


What Home Truly Means To Me

Home is the place where comfort engulfs me
Home is the place that shields my fears,
Home is where I wander, happy and free
Home is the place where I care for my peers

Nothing can compare to the magic of home
it brings us together, and friendships are sewn

Home is a dream, too good to be true
Once it becomes yours, it’s a part of you
My home is like a warm blanket, protective and comforting,
Every episode of your entire existence, revolves around your home

The place that was once the City of Trees,
that heritage comes back to me when the trees shed their leaves

No matter how hard the storm blows,
my home will protect me, wherever the wind goes

Everyone deserves to have a place that brings safety,
even if it’s just a roof over your head
Just stop, and appreciate it greatly,
for a few minutes, just before bed

Some may brag, “My house is so fair!”
but home is the people that’s in it, not the building that’s there