Grade 6


What Home Should Mean To Everyone


Where nobody is looked down upon,
And from every argument, we can move on.
Somewhere I can make the world a better place.
And if I’m in pain, it’s a solid brace.

A place where I can be who I want, without being judged.
And a place where all my hard work won’t be smudged.
Somewhere there is freedom, and choice,
A place where everyone has a voice.

Home is somewhere dreams come true.
Where I can build to the sky, and never be knocked askew.
A safe place I can wait out the storm.
A place where my loved ones keep me warm.

Home is somewhere I can return from a hard day.
Where everyone says: “We missed you, while you were away.”
It is safe for those who would be turned away otherwise.
And where everyone, always, can come to a compromise.

Home is a place where everyone is loved.
And when it is cold, my hands are gloved.
Somewhere I can open up to my sister or brother,
And I have the most loving, caring, father and mother.

Home is somewhere I will always be supported.
A place where, in my sorrows, I am comforted.
A place that doesn’t have to be a huge structure,
Because it is huge in spirit, and that spirit won’t rupture.

Home is somewhere I have fresh veggies and fruits,
And somewhere I can dig in my roots.
Somewhere I feel safe, strong, and sturdy,
Where nobody feels unhappy, or nerdy.

Somewhere everyone has a nice, soft bed,
And always gets their daily bread.
Everyone should have a home like the one I described,
That’s a fact, and should be transcribed.

What Home should be for everyone, is a place where everyone is