Grade 6


What home should be like

Home is important, that’s what I’m writing about . Everyone should have a home. It’s not fair when people say this house sucks and other people are living on the street . That’s why everyone should have a house that is fun , brings memories, and is clean . I have a lot of memories at my house like when we first got our dog charlie that was the best feeling everyone should have that feeling . My first fort was the size of my basement . When my dad and I go to my hockey or soccer practice my mom stays home and cleans once when me and my dad got back he said, “Wow this house is really clean”. It’s important to have a clean house so you can find stuff easier . My house feels like a park cause everytime i go to the park I still feel like I’m at home . Because I can play soccer climb in it now every time I’m at home it feels like a park , a memory book , and a mansion with a maid .