Grade 6


What Home Should Be

Someone asked me what home means to me,my answer is a place to be warm in winter when it is -40 outside. Home is the place I’m with my family and friends. Home is a place where I can relax after a long day out and about. But sadly some don’t have a place where they can take a break and experience a calming breath, a place to re-energise. Us, who have a home take it for granted until we really think about it, like right now writing this. I’m so lucky to have a place at just the right temperature while I watch the dark rain fall through the clear window, I stay dry and draw or play a board game while eating chips and laughing. Having a home with more than four walls and a roof over my head means alot to me because on my off days I have a room, a place to myself to lay down, close my eyes, read or yes go to one of my devices for a bit and cool down. Home to some might be ever changing, I have never moved but I know some don’t have the same luxury to stay forever. Because some move so often home should mean a place with family and friends even though we all want a roof over are heads.