Grade 6

British Columbia

what home really means to me

What home really means to me
From the moment you step foot in your home you feel safe, but the moment you walk in a house might feel uncomfortable.
Home for me is always welcoming. Every new home opens more chapters of your life 1 new house opens a whole new book. A home is cozy a home is comfortable a home is a safe place. You don’t need to be indoors to feel at home, for me I feel at home when I’m with my friends no matter if I’m indoors, outside, in my home or In my friends house.
A house for me is a structure, materials, a building. You might hear “home sweet home” but do you ever hear “house sweet house” not very often right? Although you may feel like a house isn’t special it very well can be, as long as you have family with you.
House + family = love Home + family = love. No matter where you are as long as you have family with you, you have love to keep you protected. You have that trust, that safety, weither you’re on the sidewalk weither you’re in a house weither you feel at home. If you have family you are safe.
Home has a meaning house has materials. Home has safety house has a structure. A home can be on a mountain home can be indoors but house stays in the same location.
Thank you so much for learning about what home and house mean to me. ❤❤