Grade 6


What Home Really Means to Me

For me home isn’t something we throw around. It’s a special thing only some
people get and the lucky ones like me get great people in our homes. I’ll tell you three amazing things about my home: the people, the love and the fun.
There are three amazing people in my home: my mom, my dad and my sister Janaya. They try not to say hurtful things. And my sister is always there when the parents try and gang up on me. In my family we try not to lie which means I can’t say my home is perfect but it is just great for me. Even though we make tons of mistakes, we try to learn from those mistakes. My parents are so cool. I don’t mind if they hang out with me and take me places, or play with me, and I remember that every day.
At my house our love is the walls. Our family is the roof. Our kindness is the widows. The differences are the fun things do. Our anger is the locks. Our imaginations are what makes us who we are.
At my house we have lots of fun but maybe not all the time. We like to play board games. A fun thing we like to do is, my sister and I love to read together. Usually my sister reads to me. We need fun for life’s adventures.
In conclusion, families are important no matter how big or small no matter how sad or happy. Family is the most important thing ever without them we would not have lasted in life. I love my family so much and I think I got the best one there is! Families rock!