Grade 6


What home means

A home is more than the eye can see, from the door that creaks to the upstairs T.V.

The windows that surround us have seen years of memories

But some of them leave a feeling like rotten cranberries.

A home is filled with love and joy, it’s like how a toddler feels after playing with their very first toy.

A home and a house are not at all alike, they’re as different as comparing a sculpture to an ordinary steel pipe.

A home is like a blank canvas, no feeling of love, joy or safety inside

But a home is like a beautiful painting, it’s full of happiness, security and pride.

A home is somewhere you laugh and play, it can make you as happy as a child on their birthday

But most of all a home just cannot be replaced, because a home is where you feel nice and safe.

“Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling.”

-Cecelia Ahern