Grade 4


What Home means to YOU

What Does Home Mean to You?

A house is a structure made out of bricks or concrete, the type of houses people live in that are not a home are cars, tents or in shelters. Home to me is comfortable, after I get home from school (when I went in person to school) I always get excited that I’m finally at home because i can go and chill and hug my pet chihuahua in my room I’m thankful for my home and more, people without a home deserve to be helped by Habitat for Humanity by building them a home because they can get sick, die especially with the virus around People I hope to have helped by creating this essay are maybe to help a family in need of a loving home to call their own. I hope that if this family has kids they have their own yard to play in and feel safe in their home, like foster children, people who lose their businesses So hopefully I win with this essay because it’s helping people in need and I love to help. I hope this gets to a lot of people who need that place to call home. (By patience gravel)