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Grade 5


What Home Means to Us

What home means to us.

Home is a place where we feel safe, we feel warm and loved. Home can be any place we want it to be, it can be the place where you can feel mad, sad, happy & sick. I bet everyone has had all these emotions in their homes. Home is a very special place to have fun & play with your family & friends. For us Home is not about the things that you get, it is about the love that you feel. Everyone needs a home to stay safe. But you don’t need a home to feel loved, it is about the people that care about you & the people you care about.

home is where I play games like jumanji and have fun with my family. When I feel sad in my home I go to my room & think about the things I like. For example I think about wolves and other animals. My home is where I feel the safest. My home is also the place where I feel the happiest.

So what home means to me is a place where sometimes the chaos and the fun can interact and make peace in this pandemic home is more important than ever so we can quarantine. Evan tho we can not see our families we can still feel the love in our hearts.

We are so grateful we got to participate in this contest. Thank you!