Grade 5


What Home Means to Me.

Home, what does it mean to me. It means having a roof over your head to protect you from rain and to block out some of the sound of thunder. It is also a place to feel safe inside your heard or outside of your heart. If you are worried about a test then coming home to your house will make you feel better. Your parents can help you study in your house. Your house is also a place to go to when you are not at school – YAH!!
Home also means if you are tired because you had foot ball tryouts in the morning, cross country at lunch, soccer trout outs after school and then karate after dinner then you can look forward to going home and lying down in your nice comfy bed.
It also means it is a place where you can get love from your mom, dad, brother or sister. If you get sick your family member will care for you. If you get hurt, if you brake your arm they will still care for you (I broke my arm so I know that you will be taken care of).
Home is also a fun place if you want to invite a friend over to play or have super. If a hockey team you like is playing you can watch in on tv at home. Of if you have a ping pong table you could play it at home (I don’t have a pin pong table).
Home is also a place that if you want privacy you can shut the door to your room so that you can study for a test, draw a picture or just because you feel like it.
That is why I love my home