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Middle Sackville
Nova Scotia

What Home Means to Me ~ poem ~

Home is the smell of fresh-baked bread
Home is where books there are many books read
Outside of a home is called a house
Inside a house could be a mouse
In a home is where people sleep in a bed

In my house I like to eat chicken
the word my sister says a lot is fricken
In my home I have 4 pets
In some houses people pay debts
The sauce on my dad’s chicken he is always ‘licken

Home is where I eat food
And where I can express my true mood
I have a dog named Odie he is the best
He has a heart on his fur near his chest
In order to build a house screws will be screwed.

My cat at home is sometimes a grouch
The coziest spot in my house is the couch
At home is where I sleep
The food is ready when the oven goes beep
I stub my toe a lot then yell ouch!

The thing my family does is love
Family, shelter, pets we love more than all of the above
The love we have is very real
In my home my mom can make a real good meal
We are Christians and that is what we speak of.