Grade 5

British Columbia

what home means to me meaning of home

My home is not just a building it is a place that is warm, and safe. It is filled with memories that will not erase. When I come home, I feel like I belong because I feel strong, and when I feel strong that’s when I know I belong. When I go to sleep I feel safe because I don’t hear a peep that’s when I know I can fall asleep. Every day when I open my eyes I remember that I am home, the only place I want to be. I feel really loved because my family is there. They are nice, caring, funny, and so much more. My family is one of the reasons why I love home, when ever I am sad they are there, whenever I am lonely they are there whenever something is wrong I tell them because they will help me. But something I know is my family love’s home. Every day that I leave home I remember all of the memories that I had that night and how warm, safe, strong, and loved I felt. All my darkness is gone and is turned into light when I am home. All my coldness is turned into warmth when I am home. And all my sadness is turned into happiness when I am home. As you can tell home is way more than just a building it is love, warmth, happiness, and safe. To me there is nothing like home. That is what home means to me.