Grade 5

Lark Harbour
Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means to Me (Essay)

What Home Means to Me
By Keegan park

A home is a warm and cozy place where you feel safe and you don’t need to worry. You are surrounded by loved ones and family who care about you. Having no home means you have no security to keep you safe. Anyone can do anything when you are out in the world with no shelter. In order to make a house a home you need family, love, and safety.

Family is important in a home because family is all you really need in the world. It fills the home with warmth and love. In my home, a family are people who you can talk to about your problems and what’s going on around you.

Safety is important in a home because when there are big storms I’m safe and warm inside while others are in the stormy weather. Safety in my home is when there are very dangerous problems outside and we lock the doors and sleep in the same bed. Having safety is very important.

Love is very important in a home because to make a family stick together you need to love each other. If everyone is fighting all of the time your home will collapse and become a house. Love in my home is snuggling and hugging.

As you can see, these things are very important in my home. Family, love, and safety makes a house a home.