Grade 4

Lark Harbour
Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means to Me (Essay)

What is important to a home is food, learning and kindness. That is what home means to me.
In order to make a home a home you need food such as pop corn, cereal and poutine. You need it because if you do not eat you will starve. Some food is not good for you and some food is.
Another essential to a home is learning. I learn at my house with my homework, playing cards and playing board games. If you do not learn then when you grow up you will have no money. I like to learn with my mom and Nan. My Nan was the one how taught me how to play cards like Uno, Go Fish, Crazy 8’s and scat and now when we play I beat her every time we play.
Another important thing is kindness you can not make a home without kindness one time I helped my brother tie his shoe because he could not. This is what kindness means to me in my home
Now you know what my definition of a home is and no matter what my family does I will always love them.