Grade 5

Lark Harbour
Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means to Me (Essay)

The four things that makes a home a home is warmth, loving, and water so we can stay clean. My home also needs food. Last but not least, my home needs bedtimes. Because all of our homes are different in special ways.

A home needs warmth and love because when you spend time with your family you feel loved and you also feel the warmth coming off of them when they hug you and that makes you feel really loved and warm.You also feel loved when your parents spend time with you and take you places, most kids haven’t been yet. You would also feel warmth when your parents come and tuck you in at night.

My home needs bedtimes because we usually don’t wake up on the right time, and also so then we don’t get cranky about going to school. We also need bedtimes so then we fuss about getting up really early to go on a trip. This is related to my home because we would have to stay up for hours trying to get all of olur stuff put in the suitcases and try to get ready to get to the flight.

All homes need water so we can stay clean,brush our teeth,and we can also drink the water to stay hydrated. So i think that all homes,no matter where they are,you absolutely need to have water.

Last but not least,each and every home needs food. We need food so then we dont get really hungry. My home wouldn’t have food if we didn’t have money or if mr and mom just stopped cooking. But who would want to stop cooking i know i won’t be any time soon, so that’s why my home needs food.

As you can see my home needs all of these four things and they are super important to every home all around the world.