Grade 5

British Columbia

What Home Means To Me by Sawyer Niedziejko

What is the meaning of home to me? The meaning of home to me is a place to make memories, good or bad. A home is a place to go when you need someone that you know really, really well. A home is a place to have family and friends alike come over and play, and to have a good laugh. A home is a place to go to when you’re sad so that you may be cared about by your family. Home is where you can go to feel safe during the scariest moments in life to be able to wait it out.
Everyone should have a home to go to and have people to care about and be cared for. It could be a job that you love, a hotel where something meaningful happened. It can be a place you went on vacation and did so many things that you loved that was extraordinary that will always stay with you. There can be more than one place that you call home, and one home that you don’t always notice is your memory. It’s a place inside of you, always at the back of your head. When you miss your other home(s), just think about it, and then you’re there.
So it’s the best home you’ll ever have. Home come in all different shapes and sizes, which is why home has such a vast, but strong definition. A house is much different from a home. A house is just a structure that people put furniture and decorations into. A home is so, so much more than that. Your home is so valuable to you, but maybe not so many other people, and those other people might like it. This is what the meaning of home is to me.