Grade 6


What home means to me and me only

A lot of people I know just say write what we want you to write, not how you feel so i’m going to tell you how I feel and not how people tell you how to feel. Starting off once in your life I guess I could make a prediction that you haven’t felt like you’re at home at least once in your life… Yeah well that’s me everyday, just some person who’s never felt at home… never… Not comfortable around my parents, my sister or even my friends… The only person i feel comfortable around is my best friend but I’m still never at home… My home is my bed… my safe space, my crying space, my no judgement space and even my happy space. Due to covid I can’t see my best friends and I’m stuck in my house with everyone who doesn’t make me feel at home. But to be honest i’m trying to make myself a better person and trying to get into the comfort of my home and writing what home means to me makes me feel 100% better already.