Grade 5


What Home Means to MeA Poem

What Home means to me:

Home to me, is where you can sleep
Where you will be safe
From rain, snow, and sleet.

Home is where food is for you to eat,
where you can sleep when the day’s made you beat.

Home is where my family always is
Weather it’s my brother, mom, or little sis.

Everyone needs a home.
By the lake or by trees.
Home is where I can live happily.

I feel bad for the people who don’t have houses,
But they do, it’s filled with little mouses.

My house isn’t big, fancy or modern.
It’s nice and quaint.
A door, a deck and grey paint.

What home means to me is where people are kind
Home I will always be able to find.

Home is, for me like a cave
That I can hide in and
Where I will always feel safe.

Home is the place I can rest
Where my mom can make food that I think is the best.

As long as I’m fine, mood is happy,
That’s what home means to me.