Grade 6


What Home Means To Me

Comfort, Laughter, Support and most important Love. These are all parts of home. You can be at home sitting there and feeling comfortable not worrying about the outside at night you can sit there and watch TV that is one thing about my home. Me and my family always laugh together. We have a good time every minute of the day. We go out for walks everyday and we see lots of animals. We can joke about them and have a great time. We support each other if my sister wants to do soccer we support her to do it. If I want to play hockey my family supports me. We love each other, there is nothing to explain for our love. Home means a place to rest, joke and celebrate New Years. When we are at home I took food for granted but when I went to downtown Toronto I saw how many people didn’t have food I feel bad for them also because they don’t have anywhere to stay it must be sooo cold in the winter how do they survive I pray they can stay at a home soon. I took my home and my food and my family for granted. I didn’t realize how lucky I am to have food at home and family, unlike some people who don’t even have people to love. Don’t have any food to eat or nice clean sheets to sleep in to have nice comfortable matters and I should not take any of those things for granted. I am very happy I have a loving family and home that is the meaning of home to me.