Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

What does home mean to me? Home means to me that you can do fun things with my family. Home is also where we make memories and on a nice and chilly day you can get all cozy under the blankets by the fire. That is what home means to me. There is one more thing that home means to me is just being with family and close friends.

Home makes me feel cozy. Home makes me feel cozy because home is a place where I can lay on the couch and relax and have my friends over. Home makes me feel happy because I can hang out with my family.

My family said, “ Home is where we make memories.” Home is where we can play with each other and hang out together, we also take pictures together. In my home we also have family game nights. My family loves football so we have parties for the Super Bowl. We make new memories at the Super Bowl.

When me and my brother have fun it’s like a dark hallway you never know what you are going to expect. Me and my brother like to tackle each other, hangout, and have in-depth conversations about our feelings. Anytime we go places that have a water park or something we always do it together. Sometimes I will be silly at home with my family and make them laugh and it will make me happy that they are smiling.

That’s what home means to me. Home is where we make memories, home is where we have fun, and home is where i can feel cozy.