Grade 5


what home means to me…..

What home means to me….

To me, home means laughing around with my family. At home, I feel safe which is what my home makes me feel like home. Home is all about love and happiness, home is a place where I have space and freedom, and where every member fits in. At home, I feel comfortable just the way I like it. Home is a place that could involve sounds including yelling and screaming. A home always involves emotions and misunderstandings, home is a place where I play games and have fun with my family and friends. Home means having overnight challenges with my brother and cousins. My home may not be perfect but it has what I mostly need, my family! To me my home also means me, my family, and friends having a cozy sleepover. Home means laying on my comfy bed with the calming sunlight coming from my window. My home is like my own cloud that I float on, home is where I live….. Therefore my home is my life.