Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

Home means love and a place where no one can bug me. I feel loved when my mom makes me food or cookies. We also play video games, it’s fun and the whole family can play. And when we are playing we will stop the game to get a snack. But we can’t play when our hands are full. When we are still playing, our bearded dragons are just watching us. We can’t have them outside of the tank when we play video games because it is too loud for their little ears so we keep them in the cage so it doesn’t hurt their ears. But when it is low volume they can be out playing on my lap.

I play with my bearded dragons when I am bored. My family went to a pet store and got two bearded dragons and the previous owner didn’t feed them and they started to eat themselves. SO my mom picked them up and brought them home for a Christmas Gift. It makes me feel really happy except when they bite when I am trying to put food in their dish. They eat veggies from the fridge and mealworms, which I hate to touch.

Normally when I get home I go up to my room, so I can clean it when it is messy and play on my phone and text my friend to say hi. Then I will talk to my friend on the phone because she moved to another school. She tells me about how she is doing and I tell her what I am up to. I feel happy when I talk to my friends in my room. I feel safe in my home and warm when it is cold.