Grade 5


What Home Means to me

What home means to me-

At home I feel like the luckiest girl because I have everything I need even a happy heart. In a home it doesn’t matter what race, age, gender or religion you are because in my home everyone is welcome. It’s so hard to think that people’s houses burn down or flood really bad. My heart gets so droopy inside when I think of the less fortunate and that’s why I always want to help people in need. Whenever I’m sad at home my parents always hug me and I feel so loved. A home is not just a home it’s a loving place and a safe place, a place that makes me feel warm inside. I make so many memories in my home and I wish I could remember them all. At home I feel loved and safe and I feel that I can be whoever I want to be. A home is where I eat, drink and sleep soundly at night. Home doesn’t just mean family, it also means friends and even pets. At home I feel happy, loved and very thankful. Home is where the heart is. To me home is the best place on earth and that will never ever change. And this is what home means to me.