Grade 6

Nova Scotia

What home means to me

My pets, Ellie, Fayte, Jett
My family, Mom, Dad, my sisters, Kera, Isabella
Family movie nights
Family game nights
Lazy naps
snacks , (Popcorn)
Video games
Youtube ,Netflix, Disney +
My family makes me feel safe and happy and comfy
I’m thankful for a roof over my head

I love my pets because they make me feel safe and happy but sometimes they are annoying, my dog knocks things over and spills things or nips you but she can be so cute and adorable and soft yes really soft, My cat Fayte is old but so adorable she gets in heat sometimes and when she does she gets so annoying, And Jett is all black and so fast yeah really fast but super cute. My family is amazing but my sister Kera is annoying but my baby sister is so cute yup but don’t tell Kera hehehe. I have a lot of family movie nights but my favourite was when we watched Onword on Disney +. Me and my family don’t have many game nights but when we do it is fun we have snakes and ladders. That is my favourite one. All the others I can’t explain it, its so fun stuff yay!