Grade 6

Nova Scotia

What home means to me

My Mom is home to me because she is the best person ever. I would not be where i am today if it wasn’t for her.I can’t ask for a better Mom. My dog because he helps me if I am having a bad day. He is so strange and funny it just makes my day. My Dad because he is funny and a good person even if he gets grumpy sometimes and says bad words. He is still the best Dad. My best friends Bailee and Madie are amazing people and give me the best advice. I know I can always count on them. Dancing really hits home for me because I am at the studio almost everyday weekdays and weekends and I don’t have a favorite type of dance. I love all types so much. My sisters. They crack me up. They are the best sisters ever. I cannot ask for better sisters. Animals hit home to me cause I had goats and have bees that are my Moms some animals I don’t really like though.