Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

What does home mean to me? Home to me means playing and having fun with friends and family. I like playing with my friends because they are nice and kind to me. It’s fun playing with my family because they know what type of stuff I like to play with.

Home is having a loving family that cares about me and loves me. I like when I cuddle on the couch and watch hockey. It’s fun when I get to sleep with my sister on the weekends. I love in the morning when I wake up my sister and she smiles.

I like smiling and laughing in my home it makes me feel safe. At my house we smile and laugh a lot because we always have fun together. In my home there are good and bad memories but mostly good ones. I wish everyone had a house so they’re not cold in the winter.

My home is most fun when it’s the holidays because I get to see lots of my family. I like when we eat a big family supper and play family games. I live with my mom, sister and dad. That is what home means to me.