Grade 5


What home means to me…

A home is a home,it’s also a place that you feel comfortable to share your secrets.
A home is a square with walls and a wroof for you to feel safe and warm.
Apartments,rich houses or pour houses don’t matter what you need is a love house were you share your love and your food.
A house is what you have and what you want.
A house is where you spend your week-end and lay down or you celebrate your Christmas,your religion and your fancy love.
Your family feels safe with you and feels comfy.
When I think of home I think of love and my family
Do you think that a house is more important than your family if not I think the same way as you do!For the next part I’m going to try to show you a poem that I made myself.

A home is where everyone belongs

In your home it could have a little foge

But there’s no resine to fight

Because your bright

In your dream

You can have a theme

A home is a little place

Where you feel safe

When I think of home

I think a storm of love