Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

I am going to tell you what home means to me.
I am loved and cared for. When I get sick my parents are always there to help take care of me. My dad has fun with me when I am sick but not as much as when I am not sick. Home is where the heart is. When I have a bad dream my mom comes and helps me get a good dream. When I get home I feel the comfort. I feel comfortable in my bed but not as much as home.

When ever Miyah and Cherry fight, I always say be nice have kindness, get along. They usually get it but sometimes not so much.

When ever I see my pets I smile. I smile when ever I see my cats at my mom’s and my dad’s. I smile all the time and my pets usually smile back.

When I have good food, its food not junk food. It’s made by the people who love me. Good food is food that keeps you going.

When the holidays come around it is a blast for my family. We go places we never ever went to. It’s so fun. We make memories. It is a blast.

Happiness lives within my home, joy sometimes, mostly happiness. We don’t always get along but we usually do and we have fun.

If my friends come or my family, my heart fills with joy. My heart is pretty big but when I see friends and family my heart grows six beats bigger so my heart is very gigantic heart.

Everyone deserves a home!