Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

Home to me means love because love means you care and caring makes up a home and so does love.
Also love makes a home because love means more means then just caring it means happiness, hugs and a lot more.

Home also means kindness because if my home doesn’t have kindness it’s kind of just going to fall apart.
Also with kindness you get along together and with out kindness it not a home to me.

Home can also mean smiles because smiles bring a lot of things like, happiness, love and kindness.
Smiles can also mean sharing … like showing you care so like sharing smiles?

Holidays mean in my home I get to spend time with family and be happy. Holidays are caring and sharing. Holidays are love, happiness and kindness to each other.

Now the last thing is dreams. Dreams mean you have hope and trust at my home. Dreams also mean giggles sometimes.

Those are most of the things that make my home special to me.