Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

What home means to me

Home can be anywhere, it can be a house, a province, a school, home can be anything anywhere. But my house is my home to me. It’s where I’ve shared some of my most happy memories. If i could choose 2 great memories in my home they would be playing floor hockey with my dad in the basement, or making charm bracelets while my mom read to me.
I’ve had my home forever, because I was born there.
My home is the place where I feel the most safe, happy and where I can be myself.
I love my home, some people don’t have the love and support they need from a home, and that is why I’m so grateful for my home. Cause I have the love and support I need.
And by writing this I can help people make new memories and hopefully feel happy, safe and sound. A home does not have to be a mansion, a palace or your own island, it can just be a home like mine, all homes have the same value because a home is a home,
I feel everyone should have a home with love and support like mine.